Monday, June 28, 2010

Rhonde Ohop: The Madness Approaches

Because Mr. Boots demanded it the Rhonde Ohop is on for 2010. Moved to August as a warm up to cross season and an opportunity for the cross guys to kick road ass or road guys to defend our pride. The big change for 2010 is the addition of an 11 mile loop that features 1 mile of dirt start but then 10 miles of road. This will add some distance as well as give everyone a chance to dwell on the hell that follows! Boosh!

Once the loop is complete the race returns to the Mashell Loop for seven laps. Remember it's one mile road and one mile hard pack. We are going up the Muur d' Mashell for seven laps (10 for the Pro/1/2/3) field.

5 out of the seven editions of this race have been won on a road bike but the last two on cross bikes. It's hard to say which is the better bet; I'd go road if it's sunny out. 25c tire minimum. Pre-reg is encouraged for the 4/5 field since it's been selling out.

Also, we are putting together a spectator expo and Pioneer Farm is only one-mile away so bring the kids and have a jolly good time.


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