Monday, June 28, 2010

It Hurts So Good

I got tired of beating up on kids and decided to man up and race Boston Harbor. Boosh! Did you feel my legs of fire? I sure did. Maybe that's cause they were on fire. And in that way that makes you love cycling while wondering why the F&^% you are spending 7 hours of your day so Herriot sports can sucker punch you repeatedly.

Maybe it was for the oportunity to mess with my favorite masters rider. I can't get enough of watching him chase a break that had three of his own team-mates in it out of 9 riders and then sitting up three bike lengths off the back. Cause, you know, if he'd actually closed it down completely that's dick. But if he bridges close enough that my dearly loved but still deceased Grandmother could finish the chase off that's totally cool yo.

I believe it's called pullng a Levin.


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