Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My life sentence is really a court order to let me go...

Both Cyclingnews and Velonews are reporting the results of Vino's appeal of his 2 year suspension by the UCI to CAS.

As I understand it, the case goes something like this:

1. Vinokourov tests positive at Le Tour
2. The Kazakh Federation, were Vino is licensed, issues a 1 year suspension
3. The UCI files an appeal with CAS claiming that the rules require a 2 year suspension
4. CAS rules in favor of the UCI and imposes a 2 year suspension.
5. CAS suspends the 1 year suspension issued by the Kazakh Federation pending review.

So how is this headlined at cyclingnews.com as "Vonokourov cleared to compete by CAS".

Uhh.. no he wasn't. The 2 year suspension was imposed. He can compete when it expires in July. The only way the headline kind of makes sense is if they are trying to say that CAS cut a year off his suspension by adding the UCI's 2 years to the Kazakh Fed's 1 year then subtracting the Kazakh Feds 1 year. But I don't think the argument before CAS was that both should be applied. The issue before them was simply whether the UCI had jurisdiction here. The suspension of the 1 year Kazakh Fed suspension is just housekeeping so that the Kazakh Fed can retract it.

Update I: Looks like cyclingnews reads my blog cause the old post has been disapeared from Teh Intertubes and replaced with a much better version entitle "Vinokourov ban confirmed by CAS"


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