Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Can I Haz Draftpick?

The Seattle Mariners, thanks to a sweep of the Oakland A's last year, just missed out on getting the #1 pick in today's Major League draft.

This is a big deal because Stephen Strausberg, who I understand to be Teh Greatest Player in Baseball History, is available this year. And he is guaranteed to singlehandedly winning 100 games next year for the Washington Nationals, who pick first.

Let me make this prediction: Stephen Strausberg will win less than 100 games in his career. All else being equal, he is the best player in the draft. But his agent, Scott Boras, wants to count college ball as professional experience and get a contract similar to a good number 2 major league starter. That's insane given the historical odds of a pitcher actually becoming productive. And none of the arguments for his greatness address this reality.

If the Nats pick Strausberg I will assume that they have Bill Bavasi on speed dial somehow.

Anyway, I am glad we don't have the #1 so we can't screw this up and draft him.


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