Monday, June 08, 2009

If I am bloggin Project Management it must mean I have to take a test

Project Management is on my mind, as it normally is when I am approaching some type of test. I don't like PM certification tests because they come into basic conflict with my econo-side. It's not uncommon for people to bash academics for theories that don't work in practice. And this is sometimes true (see Chicago, Economics School of). There has definitely been a rise in deductive analysis to prove models rather than inductive analysis to develop models that explain reality. Yet for all the whinging, this approach seems to be driven by the "real world", MBA's and CEOs who are determined to find a model that proves their methods.

And the various certification tests seem to be in line with that: the model can't fail you. You can only fail the model.

I just find that wrong. And I also end up investing a lot of time studying for the test and trying to forget what I actually am doing. I mean, when I took my tests in economics I had to learn theory and models but I could use my real life experience and track it to the model. I didn't have to check it at the door so as not to confuse the pretty little supply & demand graph.


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