Saturday, June 14, 2008

Did PruDog just call me out?

Downtown Gary Brown submits that the internet is like a zoo and blogs exist to fling monkey feces at the other inmates.

Having been so long since I was actively blogging I had forgotten a) that people even read my blog and b) that people don't like having monkey feces flung at them.

I feel, that I owe at least a brief post to those who have the feces this blog generates thrown at them (and the people who defend them). Here's were I am coming from:

First, just cause I call you out doesn't mean you did something wrong. Last time I checked, the UCI hadn't made me the Supreme Overlord of Proper Racing.

Second, you are welcome to defend your position.

Third, I generally don't post something unless I actually mean it. It may be poorly articulated and ill-explained but there is usually a rationale thought lurking in my head somewhere. Another aspect of this is that if you respond to a criticism in a way that leads me to believe my point wasn't clear or requires more explanation I will very likely write a much more detailed post. That can be a blessing or a curse.

Fourth, when I post about your racing, good or bad, I am posting about your racing. Not you personally. I hate it when people say someone has class because they can ride a bike fast. You can be a crappy bike racer and a great guy and vice versa. I recognize most people don't make that distinction. I do and it's my blog so suck it up.

Fifth, is anyone even reading this anymore?

Sixth, you get the point.

Now I think Pat, responding to my pointed criticism of name redacted's riding at Master A States asked me a good question: what's my beef?

Well, I wasn't racing so it had no impact on me directly. And since none of the Masters Riders in the break were Gin Optics riders (Emde rides for Emde Sports, not Gin Optics) it didn't impact the team either.

But, you know, I don't think my pissy cracks about the way we all race is to improve my or my teams chances of winning. I think it's because a) the better we race the funner it is to race and watch races and b) with rare exception I think the riders who I call out would actually do better if they raced smarter.

And, in a weird, passive aggressive way I think it's a little unfair that other riders give legitimate, honest critiques of name redacteds riding but that I don't know how often anyone actually says it to him.

Anyway, I've now exceeded my blog power for the day. Out.


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