Friday, June 13, 2008

My Daily Cycling Scrum: ouch?

Well, because I know you guys can't wait.. here's my daily cycling scrum report.

Yesterday I failed miserably to complete my Sprint-evil workout. I did do 30 minutes but couldn't manage the last 25. I did however, enjoy a nice big apple pie anyway. Booyah!

Today I've already started down the road to redemption: kicked out 85 minutes, Totally Time Trial. I've seen more Coach Troy in the last 24 hours than I have Mrs. PDog.

Later this evening I plan to kick out another 80 minutes (one of the aerobuilders) on the trainer.

Listen, when you are a big fat pig like me you gotta ride a lot.

What are the impedements to getting that last workout done? Let's be honest.. the rest of that stupid (yet tasty!) pie.

Update: or perhaps it will be the 1:15 showing of the incredible hulk that derails me! I am pretty sure Chung has already downloaded someone's pirated camcorder version....


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