Monday, March 19, 2007

Letting It All Hang Out

photo courtesy of Hone's Photobucket.

Ya. That hurt. After Shawn's break at Sequim I guess it was my turn to roll the dice. So close, yet so far.

Now, I've been reading JZA and it appears that the best way to drive up traffic would be to complain about Higgin's juking me in the break. But damnit, the guy actually was ripping my legs off. I was dying just trying to hang on the riser so I could actually take pulls across the flat. So no hurled insults here.

Mr. Boots rolled the dice earlier and was off for a good 2 laps at least with McLung and J.O. Pretty good for the guy with tendonitis and no sleep and the guy witha cold.

Although I suspect my inability to fly up the bumps had something to do with this side profile shot than my tendon issues.

Damn. That helmet makes me look fat. Looks like I got to get on the dramatic weightloss program post PPuppyV2. But, I should be getting a nice bonus check from Bon Appetit considering all the real estate they got on that side panel.

Now Michael was probably a bit tired from his victory celebration at Mason the day before. Pumping that fist repeatedly can wear a man down.


At Tuesday, March 20, 2007 7:37:00 AM, Blogger CROW said...

johan museeuw is a turd!


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