Sunday, September 10, 2006


If you are into politics, the CT-Sen race pitting Lamont (D) against Lieberman (R.. oh sorry D.. no wait CFL) and some 3rd dude no one knows seems to be a microcosm of how the election in general will go. Lieberman lost the Dem primary because, frankly, he has adopted the Brand-W position that questioning W is the same as supporting the Terrible Terror of the Terrorists.

So it's interesting to see how the GOP is supporting Lieberman as the defacto GOP candidate. Lieberman's big selling point is that he is a man of integrity. So now the GOPer blogosphere is pushing the meme that Lamont supported Lieberman in the whole Clinton/Lewinski affair. Except now he has supposedly flipped and is condemning Lieberman. The implication is that he lacks integrity and will sell out to get elected.

To wit Powerline:

Why Ned Lamont would make a great Democratic Senator

Ned Lamont, the Democratic nominee for Senator from Connecticut, has criticized Joe Lieberman for Lieberman's public rebuke of President Clinton over the Lewinsky affair back in 1998. According to Lamont, Lieberman was wrong to turn his back on a long friendship with Clinton and to "go to the floor of the Senate and turn this into a media spectacle."

Back in 1998, however, Lamont's opinion was very different. In fact, he wrote Lieberman an email (which, fortunately, Lieberman kept) praising the Senator for his eloquence and moral authority. Lamont told Lieberman:

I supported your statement because Clinton's behavior was outrageous: a Democrat had to stand up and state as much, and I hoped that your statement was the beginning of the end.

Via NRO's Sixers.

Except that's not what the email says at all. Read it here. Being naturally cynical I can't help but notice that Powerline's original post links to the email that's behind the NYTimes subscription firewall, while linking directly to the analysis articles.

Here's the thing I don't get. I understand having a conservative philosophy. I tend progressive but not by as much as people think. I've voted for Republicans, and suffered from Clinton fatigue too. But I don't like being lied to. If I was a true conservative, I wouldn't support Brand W. They lie to you, and worse treat you like you're stupid. I am fond of saying the W made me a Democrat. So why would anyone trust them or vote for them?


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