Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stage 5 wrap and 6 pre-race.

Today is Blue Knob, and we will blow the race apart. Or ourselves. Probably ourselves. Didn't get a shot at running over Stallion again, but thanks to a 10K to go stack (damn you man-bear-pig) I got a good shot at Derik & Omer. Unfortunately as I was trying to line Little O and Hedgehog up on my bumper for a nice brake-check Alberto Tiberio (Health Net) jumped on the roof of the van and started yelling at me to kick it. Now, Omer seemed a little annoyed as I sped off. But dude, Tiberio is like 8 feet tall and eats babies. Really. I saw it on E Cycling: True Story. I ain't messin' with that dude. In fact, I gave him all our water and food and begged him not to hurt me.

Joe Holmes, we need you so bad!

Derik managed to get back in so we finished 3 guys in the main group, with Omer and Trevor a few behind. We still have all 5 guys, which is pretty amazing. Some teams are pretty ragged and if we all finish there's a good chance all 5 guys will line up for the crit tomorrow.

Chad (Broadmark) will be riding shot gun in the car today. Office pool on how long before he pukes from my driving.

Sam (Broadmark) had a gutty ride, getting dropped on the feedzone and clawing back into the field, only to get dropped next time through. Luckily the caravan is about 18 cars long and he was able to hang out for a looooong time before the moto-official chopped him out. Made the time cut and lives to fight another day.


At Sunday, July 30, 2006 9:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I rode with Alberto T. on a Sacramento layover earlier this year. He chased me up a good 2 mile climb near Auburn (gateway to the Sierra's) half way into my 4.5 ride and I shadowed him at a respectable distance as he did a few tempo intervals until he got near his home in Folsom (near the notorious prison - ).

I didn't think he was 8' tall - but a young, lean, eager-to-learn humble professional, who was very nice to old guys who ride funny looking folding bikes.

Old Man


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