Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thank you sir

Mrs. PDog just pointed out the Barb's Triathlon and Folsom Int'l Tri are 10 days after I get back from Toona, not 3. Thank you! Man I was not looking forward to what I thought would be 17 out of 20 days on the road.

I haven't commented on the Sonics sale. Honestly, I am sadder to see the Storm go. But I won't miss Howard's whinging. I am not privvy to all the specifics of the lease, but Howard's track record of successful business ventures outside of the BUX is pretty bad. And it strikes me that the problems with the Sonics have more to do with them being a bad team. Ackerly may have started that (or perhaps more accurately Wally Walker) but the current ownership group didn't help.


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