Thursday, April 13, 2006

No More Frozen Flatlands For Me.

Stab me once, and I am out.

I have previously written about my irritation with Baddlands for changing the GC rules after the race was over. The rules stated that all riders had to start each stage to qualify. This was repeated over and over again before each stage. After the race, they decided to give GC based on points regardless of whether riders had started or not.

They don't appear to understand why this is important. I should have gotten 10th on GC. Instead I got 12th. It may not sound like much, but it is. WSBA rider ranking points only go 10 deep so holding that 10th spot was a very very calculated effort on my part. I rode exactly as much as I needed to to hold that spot while also helping Glenn and Michael who were higher on GC.

It even led me to work with Anton in a break. That break ended up with Derik winning, and lost a lot of Broadmark guys their GC spot. I should not have worked in that break at all.. and probably would not have if I wasn't thinking of GC in the back of my mind.

I also waited for Glenn when I easily could have gone in with Shneipp to actaully move up to 8th or 9th on GC.

It makes a difference. Our team brought 5 guys over and I am the one who stood up at the WSBA meeting to make sure their race did not get scheduled over the top of another race. Well forget that. I am out. I don't need to spend a couple hundred bucks to support a race that changed to the rules to benefit local riders who don't start every stage.

And, without the support of someone over here to look out for their interests I suspect attendance will drop back to previous levels at the Cat 1/2 level.


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