Saturday, April 08, 2006

Were's the hell is my Lucky???

No one else showed up to Elma. Just me. OK, other riders did, but no one from my team. No problem. Ride smart I thought. That lasted 5 miles when I started covering every move and generally did too much work. I settled down though after a big break got clear and just said, screw it. Don't chase everything. Pick the one you like and bridge.

On lap 2 a nice group went on the climb. I thought it was good and waited until the screws after the start finish to jump across in the crosswind taking Joe Holmes with me.

The break was hauling but pretty disorganized.. mostly guys attacking. Tom Harriet got pissed and motored off with Derik. After that we got organized. I worked with the group, taking some pulls off and mentally debating whether I should work at all. My inclination is to work my ass off. So I have to really stop myself and think. There were 2 Broadmarks and 2 Recycled in the break along with Tom Peterson so I was thinking that working wasn't the smartest idea; Peterson would attack as soon as we got to the climb and I needed that energy. But, I worked anyway, taking about 75% off my pulls. Enough rest to save up some energy, enough work to not aggravate anyone. With 2 laps to go.. boom. Rear flat. Anton's Karma Gods came to punish me for Flatlands. And so I ended up waiting for the field, which turned out to be 11 guys. I ended up 14th, chapped, out of 19 finishers.

So bad luck, but I thought I road well and didn't crack like I did at Flatlands.


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