Sunday, April 09, 2006

Brad Lewis

F*&^. Brad Lewis crashed hard at Boat Street today. He hit his head on the curb. I gather it doesn't look good. I've known Brad via cycling for a long time. We weren't friends but we knew each other and I'd like to think he thought well of me. I thought well of him. It's a helpless feeling seeing someone in your community, someone you know lying there with medics and police giving CPR and not being able to do anything.

Anyway, I hope he makes it.

Updated: Brad did not pull through. Cause of death is cardiac arrest. I am not sure how to react, what to do. There's nothing I can do; but it just feels so crappy to know that.


At Monday, April 10, 2006 12:23:00 AM, Blogger Erik "old guy" said...

This is still so fresh in my mind - Brad lying there, struggling for life.

He was fortunate in that he had a very quick response from a trained nurse who was immediately there giving aid & ultimately CPR until the FD paramedics took over several minutes later. They worked heroically to try & save Brad's life, which unfortunately was a battle the paramedics did not win.

I am numb & confused and feel very fortunate to be able to walk away from such a hard crash with only typical road rash & bruses.

How does one guy end up walking away from something like this & the other guy doesn't. Maybe a matter of inches and/or the severity of where & how he hit the ground & curb. I can only reflect on what might have been had the tables been turned - and what hell Brad's family is going through tonight.

If there is any consolation in all this - and I've got to believe something comes out in all this - is that Brad was participating at the top of his sport doing something that he loved to do.

See you tomorrow night at the 7PM vigil.


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