Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Omloop Ohop Post Race.

You can get results here or here.

The race was epic, with Michael Emde winning in grand solo style. Props should also go out to Derik Archibald of The Valley Athletic Club for his gutsy attack on Lap 1 that turned into the winning move when Michael bridged up to him.

There was a solid field of riders, and the muddy conditions took their tool on all of us. I survived 5 laps before getting dropped from the chase group. The conditions left 2 groups on the road, the fast guys and the survivors. Most of those who would form a 2nd group of riders quit.

All in all, turnout was good and the race (although a bit extreme) was what we dreamt of. The next step is to convince the park to let us cobble the 2 most extreme sections to balance out paved/dirt a little better and reduce the mud potential a little. Not a lot, but a little.


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