Sunday, February 12, 2006

Beast Machines Coming Soon

The DVD for the Beast Machines Transformers will be out soon and I am excited to see it. When it originally came out I was working when it was on and was only able to see it sporadically. I did watch as the fan-base ripped the show apart and it became despised in epic proportions. I just reread Benson Yee's post mortem and with the benefit of hindsite I have to ask.. was Beast Machine's really so terrible?

I absolutely understand the complaints, and Yee's are very mild compaired to the general fan reaction. But I can't help but suspect that the reaction had more to do with the extremely well done Beast Wars than with the precedent of established Transformers continuity. I mean, Transformer continuity is probably one of the horkiest things ever. Let's face it, the entire series makes stuff up as they go along.

And, one of the interesting aspects is how fans percieved that Beast Wars was better researched when, if you read or listen to interviews with the writers you'll find that in fact they lucked onto a lot of stuff.

I think, honestly, one of the strengths of Beast Wars is they tried to write their own story, and make minor, occasional connections to the past. In contrast, Beast Machines tried to tie into all of it. And given the mess that is Transformer continuity, that was bound to be full of "mistakes".

Rather it worked or not, I will credit Beast Machines for trying. Frankly the new stuff (Energon, Aramada, Cybertron) is just slop.


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