Monday, February 06, 2006

Seahawks vs. Steelers: why the game really sucked

As a Seattle fan, I have an obvious bias about this game. But, in the end, I think what bit most was that the refs were such a part of the game (4 calls that were questionable) and the officiating so bad that you can't really say which team should have won.

As an anecdote I have, as an athlete, refused a podium before because of a bad officials call. I want to earn my spot. Mistakes are part of the game, but when there are as many as in Superbowl XL if I were the Steelers I'd be pissed. The fact is, the officiating screws them just as bad because they really don't know if they should have won.

A bad call is part of the game, but 4 against the same team is over the top. If the game were replayed I don't know if the Seahawks would have won. But as it stands, both teams lose.


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