Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thanks for sharing Chad

Chad's newest "Simple" is up. Thanks for sharing.

Since we are sharing.. my version of this story comes from my Cat 4 years. I think I was racing for SRC so it was my first year or so. Anyway, the team was doing the Redmond Derby and rather than drive up I decided to ride from Tacoma.

Being a relatively stupid Cat 4 (maybe even still a Cat 5) I took 1 water bottle. It was a 96+ degree day and the ride was about 70-80 miles. After the crit I was so dehydrated I thought I would die. Fortunately they were giving out free AllSport and I helped myself.

About 8 bottles later I bummed a ride home and to my dismay found that my pee was blue and it actually hurt. Like a mother. All night long I was "dry peeing".. what did come out was painful and freaky.

Did that gross you out? Me too.


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