Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Brem vs. Stewart

It's serious week on the Daily Show, as Stewart took on L. Paul Bremmer. I actually found it to be an interesting interview. 2 things stuck out to me:

1. The unwilligness of Republican's to criticize their party's leadership and direction in public.

2. The unwillingness of the neo-con crowd to critically analyse their beliefs.

To me the two seem to be connected by the adherence to "truthiness" over "fact". The money quotes to me was when Bremmer reaffirmed that the generals never asked for more troops, but when asked had said Sanchez specifically said they needed more. That is an incredible parsing of reality to get to where bremmer wanted to be, which was we didn't mess up. And, his indirect allusion that critics were academics with theories while he was actually dealing with the real world. I find it interesting that the neo-con's own "theories" have been busts "on the ground": supply-side economics, Iraq, etc., yet when they keep touting them they always talk about reality on the ground. Yet the deride such critics as Krugman who are really prescribing solutions that have been implemented in the past or elsewear with success as pushing unproven, pie-in-the-sky theories.


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