Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why you shouldn't like Alito

Listening to Alito speak and looking at his record, I think the problem I have with him isn't that he's a philsophical conservative. He's not. He's an ideological conservative. That's a problem. Let me explain.

I am a philisophical liberal. That means that I look at issues from a liberal perspective and follow them to their conclussion regardless of whether it agrees with what the liberal establishment decides. They are ideological liberals. Their stances aren't always truelly liberal. Once they decide what they will support, it becomes liberal because they support it.

Sandra Day O'Connor was philosophically conservative. And while I don't agree with the philosophy she was generally honest. Alito's record shows he is ideologically conservative, meaning that he decides what he believes and then will create an argument that's "conservative" to defend it.

I no more want him on the bench than an ideological liberal.


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