Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thirty Minute Crits Suck

I love the Wenatchee course and definitely wanted to win. Sadly, my legs didn't agree and I lacked that little bit of pop I needed to get over to the winning move. So close, yet so far.

On the other hand the team won! So we've taken both Masters A crits this year. Ronnie put in a savvy move about 15 minutes in and ended up away for a few laps with Nikos before the breaks swelled to 6. Then he won cause Montana guys apparently think that just cause you pull super hard everyone is gonna let you win.

The race was so short that I think the entire team just felt.. well unfulfilled. We were active, but we just never got all our guns going until the last lap and then it was over. Then the rain started and crashes in the womens and Cat 3's convinced most of us to bail on the 1/2 Crit. Mike & Ryan started but quickly decided it wasn't worth it. Next year I am doing the TT and a better warm-up. I didn't realize I'd need to wear myself out before the race just to feel good about it.


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