Friday, March 19, 2010

Keep your rules out of my bike racing!

It appears I have been drug into the neutral roll out controversy:

We're obviously talking about 2 different scenarios here (as Joe H. has
pointed out).

Sounds like Brian and Phil are talking about a race being neutralized AFTER
it had been officially started and when it passed another group on the road.

Mike and Joe S. are talking about the neutral roll out at the beginning of a

I think lead drivers need to be educated as to what a "Neutral Roll-out"
actually means, and what they are supposed to do, which is keep the bunch
neutralized and not allow riders off the front until a race is officially

Joe's point (I think) is that it's not the riders responsibility to stay
neutral, all they need to do is stay behind the lead car.

This is a favorite move of Johnny Sundt and Michael Pruitt, that is, to
"attack" in the neutral roll out. ;-)


Like the Tea Baggers I don't recognize the authority of officials and their so-called "neutral" roll-outs. Keep you rules out of my bike racing!


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