Sunday, March 14, 2010

Watchmen was good, Wanted not so much

I finally got around to reading and then watching the famed "Wanted" by Mark Millar. First off, Mark Millar is a bad man. I don't mean that in a good way. Wanted the comic had to be about the most morally revolting comic book I've read. It glories in violence, rape and assorted other bad acts. Which would be ok if there was some underlying truth being delivered here. There isn't. The point of wanted appears to be a statement not about our concept of heroes, our world or any of that stuff most good comics are really about. It's about making a revolting comic and getting it published just to prove you can. It's the kind of book stupid people think is deep. Mark Waid does this much better in the series Irredeemable, the story of what would happen if Superman were real. Short version: he'd probably end up insane.

Luckily, the movie ejected the wholehearted embrace of evil. On the other hand it has Angelina Jolie. Who sucks. The character of Fox is an bad-ass. I don't know why Hollywood thinks Angeline Jolie is the go to action chick. She's a anorexic waif who constantly looks like she's on a coke/heroin binge. Her arms are skinny and she's got no grace.

Here's hoping Irredeemable gets made into a good movie and Angelina becomes a stay at home mom.


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