Thursday, December 03, 2009

Apropos of posting

Atrios makes a good point that I think is phrased in a way that is easily misunderstood.

It's true that the high-information left isn't the group Democrats need to worry about in the mid-terms. But it also important to recognize that polls showing that disaffection with Obama is coming from his left means that it's the activists, new & young voters (many of whom are low information) who want more progressive policies. In fact, I'd argue that the evidence is that the low information voters are, on the whole, much more progressive than the average high information progressive. Further, they are much less forgiving; whereas a high information voter like myself may be frustrated by the lack of specific policies I feel are more effective than the watered down policies we get, the low information voter tends to grade on a pass/fail basis. Yet it seems that the obstructionist democrats and the Village don't really understand this point.


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