Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bastardos of the Day

The Versus guy who wrote the ad copy for their "Strong Survive" ad.

The theory of Evolution doesn't say "only the strong shall survive" and the cliche is "survival of the fittest". Fit does not equal strong you idiot. Jeebus.

And I don't think underdog means what you think it means, unless winning 7 Tours and being one of the Top 3 Alpha males in cycling ever makes Lance Armstron an underdog.

Versus Guy, you no longer to exist in my mind!

Update I: Looks like I touched a nerve. From long time reader first time debater Badboy
yes, it does. And Lance Armstrong was not only an underdog before he was famous, but also he was fighting cancer you stupid fuck.

Wow, that's some serious rhetorical skillz


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