Friday, July 10, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Dear PruDog,

Wow it was great to see you out at PR the other night. You looked really skinny and strong. You took some great pulls and maybe even grew 12-18 inches? That other dude on your team who rode at the back all night needs to lose like 50lbs though.

~ Downtown

That was me at the back you jerk.

Dear PruDog,

Did you see how I sxxxied the sprint? I looked damn good in my IJM livery. In fact, I posted a note in every blog I could about how awesome I was.

~ Bsnyde

I couldn't tell cause I was too busy watching Russell & Andrew getting the hump from Holmes' sweet swing off in the finish.

Dear Prudog,

I am back in town but didn't tell you because I heard you were fat and I don't want to catch any of your fatty dna.

~El Gatto

Sadly, that's probably a good move on your part. Did I mention I rode 4 hours yesterday?


At Friday, July 10, 2009 1:08:00 PM, Blogger andrew said...

BSnyde sprinted? Maybe I should sit backi to watch more of the action.

0/2 in leadouts for the night - sweet.

At Sunday, July 12, 2009 8:15:00 PM, Blogger Brian said...

I sprinted the whole race, didn't you see?


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