Saturday, July 18, 2009

And they ate it up...

Shorter Bruyneel: sure we put 4 guys on the front and rode hard for about 70K, as you could tell by the live hrm & wattage data on versus. And Columbia only started chasing with 5K to go. But since you all are really Stupid and Stapleton hates Vaughters anyway you will now reprint my claim that we didn't chase and it was all Garmins fualt. Suckaaaa!

Seriously, tactics aside maybe Garmin did or didn't add a little horse power to the final chase to screw with Columbia (and frankly given Stapleton and Cav's contstant jabbing of them I'd call that STF if you can't take the payback) but I'd be upset at the team that chased (tempo my ass) me for from 90K in to 30K to go.


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