Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Better Democrats

Based on history I suspect that the Democrat leadership will basically agree to The Paulson Plan.

In other words no real oversight, no executive accountability and no equity for the public.

The city may be one fire, but this is a bad plan designed to loot the City and written by the people who started the fire.

It would be easy to blame the Democrats but like FISA I suspect that the majority of Dems will actually vote against it. What we really need is more, better Democrats like Darcy Burner.

I think Matt Stoller has a trenchant analysis of what's wrong with the Democratic Leadership: a compulsive need to get legislation passed. Shorter Stoller: Dem Leadership would prefer good bills to bad bills, but prefer bad bills to no bills.

I think this belief that passing legislation in and of itself is good is dead wrong and the idea that this is what the American people want is not supported by any poll I've ever seen.

Update II

Credit due here.


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