Monday, June 09, 2008

My yearlong hiatus is now over..

My year long hiatus from racing is now over.. but you still won't see me racing on the weekend this year... maybe cross. We'll see.

I did get to drive Follow 2 for the Master B and Follow 1 for the Master D.

Master D was fun. Master B, not so much.

There were 3 total attacks the whole race, none of which got more than a 10 second gap or lasted longer than 3 minutes.

Which is odd, because a couple people told me how hard they attacked. And how hard the field chased. Interesting how the riders percieved themselves as more aggressive than they really were. (And, since you all were going 21 miles per hour when you "chased" the last 2 breaks it couldn't have been that hard).

What did you think of the Glenndale RR?


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