Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekly Eyewear Bloggin'

So long ago I promised to do a weekly eyewear blog entry. And didn't. I Lied/ Get over it. I promised the wife the eyewear thing would make us rich too.

With the Stungunner and Ginny coming out the blog went crazy for a bout a week. All eyewear all the time, yo! And I even managed to co-opt Stoked's blog for a bit. Stungunner mania, it's all the rage*.

Now I could point out that we have a new Ohop color (pewter), another new model (the PruDog and for the record Chad chose the name, I wanted SuperCat!) and that you should all be getting the Marksmen Rose lens option for Fall and Winter because of the superior contrast and various cool lens treatments that help repel water and reduce fogging.

But I can't because I am too upset that PPuppy's soccer team lost 40-0 in their first game.


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