Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is the UCI serious

Erik Zabel has confessed to using EPO. This is huge. Now we'll see if the UCI is serious about combatting doping. I am pretty unimpressed by how they reacted to Basso. Is he a cool guy? I don't know. But riders who confess need to know they will get leniency. Basso may only get a reduced sentence because his confession came after it was clear he was in legal trouble; but Zabel could have kept his mouth shut and been fine. His confession is completely unforced from a legal point of view.

If the UCI does anything but grant him amnesty then they are part of the problem.


At Saturday, May 26, 2007 7:20:00 PM, Blogger camrob said...

Yeah, turns out all the Deutsche Telekom dudes will be protected by the "8-year window." ASO and other duche-bags are still taking shit about asterisking Riis' win and saying there was no winner that year. Pretty ridiculous.

Their testing methods were inferior, therefore it was possible for many, many riders to dope. We all paid attention to the racing and the winners at the time. Now they want to erase our memory banks because of morality.

If they could trot out a crystal ball I wonder how many other Grand Tours and Classics would be declared to have no winner. Ridiculous.

Next they will be taking away my cat. 4 Bothel Criterium win. There will be no end.


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