Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dopers Suck, but you gotta pay 'em anyway

From cycling news:

Cofidis ordered to pay Lelli
The Cofidis team has been ordered by a court in Tourcoing, France, to pay Massimiliano Lelli €50,000 after it dismissed him prematurely in 2004. Lelli was one of those charged in the Cofidis doping affair last year, on the basis of evidence given by Philippe Gaumont and David Millar, and was sacked from the team in August. But the court found that he had been dismissed unfairly, and it will have to pay his for lost wages, damages for harming his character, and legal costs.

Hopefully there is more to the story, but given the strong legal evidence that Lelli doped (as opposed to bogus tests designed to create evidence against someone the UCI or WADA is convinced is doping but can't prove) what does this tell teams?

If I wear a potential sponsor, I'd just walk away. You can't enforce no-doping rules or you end up paying back wages but if you don't enforce them you get punished by the UCI.


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