Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Monorail

I voted for the monorail, but I can't say I feel sorry it died. Frankly, this is a good example of management excess. If you guys had been good and realistic this could have been built. I hope you are all happy. And I don't feel sorry for any of you.

And honestly, this comment makes me wish I had voted no too:

At the gathering, SMP board member Cleve Stockmeyer grabbed a small map showing monorail and Sound Transit routes and ripped it lengthwise, to show that the west side of the city was going to be left without a transit line.

"The political leadership has decided that this half of Seattle doesn't count," he said.

The political leadership? Dude, you f*ed this up yourselves. You spent too much effort on pet renewal projects and codling each others egos. Nichols at least had the balls to come out and say he didn't trust your judgement. Here's a suggestion. Go take some leadership classes and quite blaming other people for your own failures.


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