Wednesday, August 04, 2010

2011 Family Squad Plan

Serious chatty about the 2011 plan: basically the goal of the KR Masters squad is not just to win races but to make racing more accessible to kids. Now, there's definitely a selfish component here: if my kids race I get to race and Mrs. PDog is happy and the race gets marked in the "cool thing we did together" category and not the "PruDog is a selfish asshole who ditches us to ride his bike" category. So the plan is to use the local crits (Cascadia, Redmond, Matava) as a Kids Cycling Season. Kids & Parents are geared to thinking of sports as season anyway and it makes the commitment clear and managible. We're planning on doing a rootbeer garden near the start / finish the kids can hang out in. We're putting together a warm-up tent so the kids can warm up / feel part of a team. And we're getting banners/kites put together so there's a village feel. The kids squad will be open to all; we aren't really trying for a KR Kids team. But we will do some kind of kids clothes so the little ones can feel part of a unique experience. And we will be encouraging school mates, etc to come out as well including leading rides to some of the crits and doing lead/sweep for the races.

Cause that's how we roll!


At Wednesday, August 04, 2010 3:00:00 PM, Anonymous andrew said...

No training wheels...and no prisoners next year!


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