Thursday, October 29, 2009

Those crazy Khazaks

There is something really odd about the Khazak Federation which apparently thinks that the rule allowing Contador to cancel his contract with Astana doesn't apply because they only missed the deadline due to a paperwork issue.

"Certain people, it is unclear who, have completely dreamed this up, but there has been no occasion on which he has made an official statement on this issue,” Proskurin said.

Proskurin added that the delays in the licence renewal were due only to technical problems, and that all documentation has now been submitted. “The issue is simply that we need to provide additional documents because we have changed our sponsors,” he said.

Ummm.. by "certain people" do you mean the UCI?

The governing body announced yesterday that five teams had missed the October 20th deadline for registration. While they have a further month to ensure the necessary paperwork is in order, a rule introduced this summer allows riders to seek another team once that initial deadline has been missed.

And what exactly are they dreaming up? The rule?

The UCI have now confirmed that riders from the five teams concerned may indeed look for other teams if they so wish. "If Alberto Contador leaves tomorrow, we can only say that this option would be complying with our rules," confirmed UCI spokesman Enrico Carpani to Cyclingnews on Friday evening.

The article in question, 2.15.139, article 8.1.f, was newly introduced in July. It states, "if, on 20 October of the year preceding a year of registration covered by the present contract, the UCI ProTeam has not submitted a registration file containing the essential documents," the rider may terminate the contract "without notice or liability for damages".

Or that Contador is thinking of leaving?

There has been much speculation in the press that Contador would leave the team after it failed to meet the UCI's deadline of October 20 to get its racing license application for 2010 in order. By the governing body's rules, Contador should be free to look for another team, but he said it's not so easy.

"I assure you it is not so simple," Contador said. "My future career is being decided right now and I think between this week and next we will clear up many of the doubts that confront us now and many of the unknowns will be clarified."

Contador's concern is if his future team will be able to fully support his goal of defending the Tour de France title. He wants to have his future decided as soon as possible so he can relax.

"That is why my advisers are looking at options, but from one meeting it is not that simple. The process could go on for more than a month, but I cannot face this through December."

Let me suggest that if Contador resigns with Astana he's an idiot.


At Thursday, October 29, 2009 1:43:00 PM, Blogger justfivegrins said...

I think in order to get released from Astana he'll move to El Salvador where he'll employ his newly acquired blender mechanic skills to repair the next jet you fly on. I think this is what Brunnell was referring to, "He has much to learn."


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