Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Unfinished Business

Many of you (well ok, 1 of you) has pondered aloud "will PruDog ever come back"?

I assume you mean to Seattle.

The short answer? That all depends. Every man has a price, and as I like to say mine is affordable and payment plans are available (on confirmation of credit worthiness of course).

But you know, that brings up a good point and a epiphany I had recently. The Bay Area is just about the most foreign place I have ever lived. Then again, thinking about it, it's the only place other than Seattle-Tacoma I have ever really lived. Yes I spent time abroad but those all had expiration dates. I never took all my stuff and moved. Which got me thinking, I really don't see myself as an American. I think of myself as a Washingtonian. Which, I know, just sank my Presidential chances in '12. But Newt would have crushed me anyway.

So yah I will probably be back. Besides, I never did win that weekend Cat 2 race I always kind of sorta wanted to (although oddly I came closest when I was less fit) to prove that I am the real patron of the NW Pelaton damnit.

And I got a stack of free trips saved up on Southwest so hell yah.


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