Friday, October 24, 2008

Emily Heffner's a moron

After being called to the carpet about her article claiming Darcy Burner doesn't have a degree in econ, she writes this.

Harvard uses different terminology for their major/degrees than most colleges. The bottom line is that she does, in fact, have the equivelent of a degree in Econ although it's not called that because of how Harvard does things. Technically it's called a specialization.

It could have been argued that Heffner was simply confused in her initial article, although her lack of comprehension is unacceptable given the fact she is paid to investigate and report these things. But the fact she wrote this article, which states that Burner's econ degree is the equivalent of a minor (which Harvard does not have either) and then tries to create a false equivalency on Reichert's side demonstrates to me she knows she f*&^ed up and is more concerned with her own ass than accuracy.

What I think is equally damning is that both articles Heffner wrote seem to use the language of the various campaigns, i.e. look how similar the degree explanation is in Burner's press release including the "similar to a minor language".

And for the record, I can relate. UPS has (I think) a normal degree system & terminology. But my degree, Foreign Laguages & International Affairs, has a similar quality in that it's really a degree in Chinese & Economics. The degree is vague, and offers several language options and emphasis in either business, econ or political science (I even noticed UPS changed the degree to FL & Internation Econ).


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