Monday, June 14, 2010

Ask A Self-Promoting Cyclist

Dear Self-Promoting Cyclist: I am a Cat 3 cyclist and really look up to you. I recently raced PR and you were ripping into another guy for the line he took around a corner. I am confused. You were both leading the field and it looked to me like he gave you plenty of space. If anything, it looked to me like you tried to go too tight. What did I miss?

Learning from the Best

LFTB: What did you miss? Everything mate! All my fans need a new poster of me for my wall and I spent all race setting up that pefect photo-op. Me leading the field with the pain on everyones faces. Perfect! The light has to be just right or else it ruins the photo and that wanker cut right into the camera angle and ruined it. I can't photoshop that out.

Dear Self-Promoting Cyclst: First, I want you to know that you are my favorite local rider. The way you change kits every lap and yell at guys to pull in the break while you sit in is just the bomb! I was hoping you could settle a bet for me. My friend says that you almost crashed at PR last week trying to stand up on the wet drag strip. I think you were just showing off your new dance moves on the bike. Which was it?


Slippery When Wet

SWW: Niether. I was practicing cyclocross dimount since the season starts in just under three months. Then I realized that I was not wearing the Summer Cross Pre-season kit. In my hurry to pick up my newest team car I grabbed the Fall Cross Race kit. I don't know what I was thinking; the shade of black is totally different. I'v got standards and it wouldn't look flash to dismount in the Cyclocross Race Kit in Summer. Don't worry though! I'll have it right next week.


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