Wednesday, October 07, 2009


It looks like the UCI and the AFLD are at it again. As many know, policing the police gets me more passionate than the catching the cheats.

As many of these type of controversies have popped up I've generally found you can draw conclussions as to who is in the right by how logically tight the various statements, accusations and defences are. This can be a challenge since the media tends to report the polemic more prominently. Nevertheless you can usually unpack the charges and response.

From what I can tell AFLD is charging that the UCI doesn't not have a consistent testing protocol and is not transparent in its collection procedures. This undermines the validity of the testing.

The UCI responded that the AFLD is a media whore, that they have already answered these accusations, that they won't have the debate in public, etc.

From a scientific method and logic POV AFLD has valid points. And the UCI's response doesn't address and even confirms them (albiet unintentionally). If I was a betting man I would bet on the AFLD.


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